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Meet The Farmer

Jared has been farming vegetables for the past five growing seasons. Although the locations of these farms vary, the common denominator is that they have all been community supported agriculture (CSA) farms. He is pursuing this model of agriculture not because it is the most efficient and lucrative, but rather one that aligns with his values and interests. As a public health graduate, it is satisfying to see the positive impact a CSA model has on peoples’ lives. The beneficial outcomes appear in many forms; increased nutrition through home cooked meals, education through exposure to a spectrum of vegetables and recipes, increased connectivity to the environment through seasonal eating and a sense of belonging to community through developing a personal and spiritual relationship to the farm.  As a result of these health outcomes, the mission of Laughing Fork Farm is to improve the public health of local communities by providing them with accessible healthy food options in a convenient manner. 

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About The Farm

The farm is an old rodeo and horse farm with a stunning 19th Century Dutch Barn. Our hay barn has been converted to a farm store that offers our own seasonal produce (grown in the black dirt region of the Hudson Valley) and other locally sourced products. The space also serves as a flower drying area. Soon enough we will be growing crops here too!

About The Store

The Store is the place to find fantastic, local goods from the community, as well as a rotating selection of our own home grown produce. Yield determined by season. CSA discount applies.

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